St. Rose St. Mary's School


St Rose St Mary's School (SSRM), is a fully accredited institution under the guidelines set forth by both WRISA (State) and NFNSSAA (National) Accreditation boards. We have a great staff of state-certified teachers and a dedicated volunteers.  We offer a full-curriculum for students beginning in 3K/4K and up through 8th grade.  Students of all faiths are welcome to attend our school.


Our teachers and staff work together to provide students with a nurturing academic experience.  Our differentiated classrooms provide the freedom for students to learn at their own pace and achieve academic success. 


St. Rose St. Mary’s School offers a unique, faith-filled, academically challenging, whole-child approach to education. Our 3K-8 program offers a spiritually rich environment that we take great pride in by living the mission of “Sharing the Spirit” through academic excellence, prayer and service to the community.


School History

Catholic education has been present in the Clintonville and Bear Creek communities since the late 1800's.  St. Rose School in Clintonville was founded in 1883 when the parish converted an old barn into classrooms and contracted with the Franciscan Sisters of Charity for instruction.  The Franciscan sisters taught at St. Rose School until 1994.  St. Mary’s School in Bear Creek was founded in 1890 and contracted with the Franciscan Sisters of Alverno.  Several orders served St. Mary’s until 2001 when the school combined with St. Rose at the Clintonville location.


In the spring of 2010, the struggling economy left both parishes short of funds and unsure if day school education would continue.  Parents rallied together and raised $250,000 to serve as a contingency fund for the school, greatly reducing the financial risk on the parishes.  A committee of parents and parishioners has formed in order to build a financially sustainable future for St. Rose St. Mary’s School.


We continue to benefit from the generosity of parishioners as well as supportive donors outside of the community.  Through donations, we have expanded and upgraded our computer lab, added a server, converted classroom coat closets to storage and work areas, installed hooks and lockers in the hallway, and provided tuition assistance to needy families. We are blessed abundantly and remain grateful for the opportunity to provide a Catholic education for all who would like one.