St. Rose St. Mary's School Profile


St. Rose St. Mary's School

140 Auto St

Clintonville, WI 54929

Phone: (715) 201-9913


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  • Our school provides a three day-half day and a five full-day preschool program serving three and four-year olds, full-day kindergarten, and first through eighth grades.

  • Our school serves the greater Clintonville/Bear Creek area.

  • St. Rose St. Mary's School is supported by two Catholic parishes that provide direct financial subsidies as a portion of the total school revenues. These parishes are St. Mary's of Bear Creek and St. Rose of Clintonville.

  • SSRM emphasizes a family atmosphere. 

  • In addition to the core curriculum areas of religion, reading/language arts, math, science, social studies, the curriculum includes physical education, computer education, art, vocal music preschool through grade 8, and library for all levels.

  • The school programs are housed in one facility that includes ___ classrooms, library/media center, art room, gymnasium area/cafeteria, music room,  and direct access to St. Rose Church.

  • The school staff includes an administrative team leader, teachers, religious education coordinator, office personnel, bookkeeper, SCRIP coordinator, maintenance-custodians, and two kitchen personnel.  We partner with our our local public school system for services such as Title I, speech, OT/PT and are blessed with many generous volunteers help when and where they are needed.

  • Our advisory board  is the Total Catholic Education Board (TCE). TCE meetings                are the first Tuesday of the month and are open to the public.

  • The cooks in our on-campus kitchen prepare our meals fresh each day.

  • Bussing is available through the public schools for children in who are five years of age by September 1 through eighth grade.

  • Tuition aid for families is provided through the scholarship, generous donations, and the Two Eagles Foundation.

  • Our major fundraisers are using SCRIP, our Raffle Calendar Fundraiser,                          and spring Family Dinner.

  • Our school logo are two people carrying one cross and representing the support of two parishes and our school colors blue (St. Mary's) and pink (St. Rose).

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